Cole will have more professional video content soon for now, this is her on camera; Slightly awkward, always charming.

Performing her original song, “Bored Easily” at a showcase for Great Lakes Music Camp. Accompanied by Grammy-nominee and multi-award winning guitarist Tim Stafford and bassist Missy Raines.

Cole covering “Rainbow Connection” from The Muppet Movie (1979).

Cole covering the classic “Lovesick Blues” written by Hank Williams.

“Poor, Sweet Girl,” a Cole Hansen original shot at home Oct 27, 2019.

LIVE at Wild Rose Moon in Plymouth, Indiana, Cole performs her original, “Shauna’s Song” with Bello Spark.

Cole’s original song, “Tightrope Walker” which was also an entry in Artprize 2013. The video was made by her friend Nate Johnivan as a surprise gift.