Album #3, “Songs of Love and Dragons,” is in the works right now! Cole’s first two albums (below), are available everywhere. Just search for Cole Hansen wherever you download/stream music.

*CDs are available by special-order only. Please email: to request a CD copy.

Cole’s angelic, distinct voice has also been featured on a handful of other records. All albums below are available for purchase or streaming everywhere you buy music. Cole encourages you to support local musicians by purchasing albums whenever possible.

Cole appeared on award-winning Atmospheric Americana/Folk Rock band Bello Spark’s sophomore album, “Among the Lights.” “Traveling Companion,” “Shauna’s Song,” and “The Home I Build” were all written by Hansen.

Cole appeared on the title track to Ed Dupas’ album, “Tennessee Night.” Her voice can also be heard on the duet “Everything is in Bloom” and the song “Promised Land.”

Cole sang both harmony and lead with Indie/Pop/Rock band Drawing Monsters. Their debut album “Nate and Cole Find a Radio” showcases Hansen’s versatility. She sings lead vocals on the tracks, “Trail of Dead” and “Wealthy Street.”

Wish all of these songs could be heard in one place? You’re in luck! Cole’s friend Nate made a Spotify playlist called “Cole Hansen – Discography.” You’re welcome.